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The Dutch “Wet homologatie onderhands akkoord” (WHOA) contains a procedure that allows for the restructuring of excessive debt through a private agreement with creditors and shareholders. It’s important to realize that the debtor or the management retains control over the company and can continue its operations while the agreement procedure is ongoing.

The WHOA primarily applies to businesses that are at risk of insolvency due to a heavy debt burden but still have viable business activities.

We can support both businesses and stakeholders such as creditors and shareholders in a WHOA process.

In consultation with you and the legal advisor (lawyer), we can assist you with liquidity forecasting and issue analysis, valuation, business planning, and post-homologation monitoring.

We achieve this by making extensive use of data analysis (including predictive analysis) and deploying senior professionals. Our restructuring professionals have completed the WHOA specialization program at Leiden University.

We believe that a WHOA agreement is also possible without the appointment of a Restructuring Expert.

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