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The bill – named Wet homologatie onderhands akkoord, or WHOA in short – facilitates debtors to offer a tailormade out-of-court restructuring plan to all or some of its creditors and shareholders, while remaining in control of the company.

The Scheme is set up to provide a pre-insolvency reorganisation process for overleveraged companies (i.e. too much debt in relation to company’s assets/ business, hereafter ‘Company’) that face the threat of an insolvency procedure, but still have viable business operations.

We can support Companies and stakeholders such as creditors and shareholders in the WHOA-procedure.

In close cooperation with you and the legal advisor (solicitor) we can support you with the Cash-flow prognoses and problem analysis, de valuation and the business plan and the monitoring during he post-WHOA period.

We will make use of data-analytics (incl. predictive analyses) and the use of senior professionals. Our restructuring professionals have completed the Master course for Restructuring specialist at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands).

We are convinced that a successful WHOA procedure is also possible without the appointment of a Restructuring specialist.

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