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TIC Data Analytics is focused on assisting in data access and understanding. With our solutions, based on data-analysis, we might even recognize previously undiscovered opportunities in your business. By means of the, by TIC Data Analytics, developed analytical instruments, substantial added value is created with time-effective conduct and cost-efficiency. TIC Data Analytics groups the data, delivers relevant analyses, and ensures reports which support the decision making. We are extremely enthousiastic about the use of data-analytical tools for a more effective and better analytical understanding across the most important deal drivers and business drivers of your company.

TIC Data Analytics supports the transformation from data to information. We translate operational and financial data into information relevant for the business. Data is necessary to build a management dashboard. Interactive dashboards create interactive and well-comprehensible insights for real-time informative decision-making. With your data, you can do more.

By means of data-extraction scripts, it is possible to merge a wide variety of data sources. After deciding on the relevant KPI’s, the next step is to decide which data sources fit best towards composing and measuring the KPI’s. Most Software as a Service (SaaS) suppliers document so-called API’s. Such API’s can be scripted in order to withdraw data continuously. Finally, tailor-made dashboards are created by means of powerful data-visualisation software such as Tableau or Power BI based on the KPI’s determined by you.

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